Feb 26, 2015

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Vehicle import regulations of Seychelles

Steering handle: RHD 

Main port: Port Victoria 

Changes in Policy for Importation of Used Vehicles By Returning Residents/Graduates

The Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment (MFTI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport has recently revised the policy on importation of used vehicle by returning residents/graduates taking effect 10 September 2012. 

Previous PolicyRevised Policy
The vehicle must not be older than 5 yearsThe vehicle must not be older than 3 years
The vehicle must be registered on your name for a minimum period of 12months before importation.No longer applicable. There is no specific duration for the time of ownership of the used vehicle before importation.
Returning resident who have in their possession a vehicle older than 5years but which has been registered in their name for a minimum of 12months will be permitted to replace the vehicle with a secondhand vehicle of not less than 5 years of age.No longer applicable. 

 Used Vehicle qualify for an import permit

Only returning residents or graduates (of 18 years and above) can import used vehicle. It is important to note however that a returning resident or graduate is allowed to import a used vehicle only once. If he/she decides to move overseas again or goes for another course/training he/she will not be allowed to import another second hand motor vehicle or motor cycle. 

Who is considered as being a returning resident/graduate

A returning resident is a Seychelles citizen who has been absent from Seychelles for a continuous period of not less than 2 years and is returning to Seychelles to take up permanent residence. A returning graduate is a citizen of Seychelles who has been studying abroad at an educational institution recognized by the Ministry responsible for Education, for a minimum period of not less than 9 months.
The returning resident/graduate must ensure that the importation of the used vehicle arrived in the country not more than 6 months after the first day of the returning resident/ graduate arrival. 

Allowed type of used vehicles for importation

The imported motor vehicle (including a motorcycle) must be for passenger use only and must falls under the HS code 8703 or HS code 8711. The vehicle must not be older than 3 years old by the time it lands in Seychelles and must be a right hand drive. 

Required Documents

The documents needed for clearance of used vehicle are: 

a) Bill of entry (in duplicate)
b) Invoice/Receipts
c) Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
d) Packing List/ List of goods in cargo
e) Copy of passport of most recent entry in Seychelles
f) Copy of passport of exit of 12 months or more from Seychelles
g) Import permit 
h) Letter from the organization to certify that the student/graduate was sent for studies or in cases whereby the student/graduate went to study at their own expenses, they must provide document(s) proving their attended institution of study. (if applicable)
i) Prove of ownership of the vehicle.
j) Copy of driving license 

For more information go to http://www.src.gov.sc/

Feb 25, 2015

40HQ container shoring process

Let's show how to do shoring of 40HQ container which has 4 units of vehicle capacity. 

Kia Bongo 1 ton

Daewoo Matiz

Doosan wheel equipment


Finished. Well Done

Reference: Autowini photo gallery http://www.autowini.com/community/photo-gallery-view.do?i_sRecordId=PO201501170000500832 

CAT excavator shipping process

From Korea To Oversea by Ro-Ro

Reference: Photo gallery from Autowini http://www.autowini.com/community/photo-gallery-view.do?i_sRecordId=PO201501270000500843

Vehicle import regulations of Egypt

Steering Handle

LHD(Left Handle Drive)

Shipping Destination ports

Port Said

Import restriction

Used cars imports allowed for handicapper only
Cars under 1,600cc only
No diesel or LPG cars. Only gasoline cars allowed

Import duty rate

Customs Duty is based on CIF
Sales Tax & Extra Tax are charged on (CIF+(CIF*Customs Duty))
Diesel engined Cars, SUV, Vans are allowed to permitted company.

General Information

No diesel engine allowed.

Import documents required

Certificate of origin.
Certificate of manufacturing date (not more than 1 year old).
Ownership proof.
ID Dealing Card (for projects & companies).
Go to see shipping rate to Egypt >>>>>